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A Cohesive Approach to Chronic Pain

While chronic pain sufferers are often looking for a cure, pain management is typically
an on-going process. Think of Lynda's approach to treatment of pain as an analogy
of a model train. You have a train running along a network of tracks that go in many
directions, powered by a perfectly synchronised set of switching stations, so that the
cars can chug along without interruption. Similarly, when our bodies work in-sync with
our switching stations (i.e. the brain and central nervous system), we chug along like
the train cars. When the train has a wreck, the moving parts and the switching stations
must be repaired and reprogrammed for a return to function. Just so with our bodies
when we receive an injury from trauma or one of our cars can't operate as designed.

Upon your inital meeting, Lynda goes to work right away. There is no desk between
Lynda and her patients. Her approach is to listen while working with you on therapeutic
procedures to help you manage your pain over time. Lynda does not confine taking
a history to a single session, instead she keeps progress notes with a narrative of the
procedures provided during treatment. When there are treatment methods in place, chosen by the patient, each practitioner is consulted as a team approach is welcome.

Lynda's services consist of individual and group sessions. Primarily, her work focuses
on pain management. Additionally, she provides customized training workshops for
special populations requiring certain preventive skills due to their vocation or common situation.

For Individuals:
Patient Education and Self Help Inventory
The goal is self-care. In these hour to hour and a half sessions, Lynda will help you learn techniques and build your understanding of how to best manage your pain. Lynda provides you with an individualized Self Help Inventory designed for daily use and meant to be updated as one ages.

Self-Directed Therapeutic Movement
In hour to hour and a half sessions, Lynda works with your diagnosis and teaches this non-invasive, self-directed, physical movement process to guide you into an on-going practice. This method is well reasearched as having an impact on pain management.

Bodywork and Stress Management
When possible, Lynda uses non-pharmacutical approaches and techniques such as Neurological Reconnective Therapy, Cranial Sacral Release to help manage the stress
in your life from constantly living with pain. The need for medication is not considered failure, but rather to support the goal of obtaining increased periods of successful,
pain-free living.

For Groups:
Customized Stress Management & Prevention Workshops
Got a specific need related to the healthy functioning of the body?
Contact Lynda to discuss your ideas and how she may be able to address them in a workshop setting. Lynda's range is diverse and she is experienced in developing customized programs for special populations that will be relevant, interesting and provide take-aways that your group will benefit from the rest of their lives.

Groups are interactive and work best with 10 people. If there are more people than 10, the same program can be repeated back to back, each presentation is 90-minutes.

For Professionals:
Skill Development for Psychotherapists and Other Practitioners
In a clinical setting or group practice, Lynda teaches members of your group tangible, cost effective metholds for a non-pharmaceautical approach to aid patients with moderate to severe anxiety.

Below is a list of areas Lynda specializes in:

  • back pain
  • sciatica
  • sports injuries
  • trauma
  • methods to adress sleep disorders
  • pre and post operative reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
  • self-care treatment plans to lessen dependence on therapists (even Lynda)
  • pre and post partum self care for special populations with modesty protocols
  • neurological disorders (i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, Asbergers spectrum)