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Lynda's interest in preventive teaching arises out of years of treating injuries, which in some cases could have been mitigated in severity had the injured person been familar with a way to protect their body.

From methods used in treating chronic and acute pain cases Lynda developed a prevention program for specific populations.

Eample One: Shamanic Family Camp 2011 - During the camp, held at Eagle Bear Ranch in New Mexico, Lynda provided a therapeutic movement for family
re-entry program.

Eample Two: Santa Fe Opera - In 2007-08, Lynda provided her services to the Apprentice Program for Singers. Tasked with helping performers, from around the world, adjust to travel from a lower to a higher altitude of Santa Fe, NM (7,500 foot), Lynda's concentrated her prevention training on how the change in altitude taxes the lungs, diaphram and rib cage - all key to voice performance. Lynda's program included treatment methods for postural alignment as well as helpful suggestions for high altitude living. Teaching sessions were available for one to one and a half hours, twice weekly for eight weeks.

Eample Three: St. John's College, Santa Fe Campus - For three days in September 2010, students and faculty received Lynda's Stress Management Program using therapeutic movement designed specifically for their population. Each class was one and one half hours long. Students could repeat the program as their schedules allowed.